STUDIO 6 - The Isle of Slingers

Architecture Studio at Brighton University with the help of Portland Sculpture Quarry Trust.

Tutors: Kate Cheyne & Catrina Stewart

'The Tale of Three Rituals' by Anastasia Galicheva

Illustration from book “The Tale of Three Rituals”.

Legend has it that the Mysterious Isle of Portland is haunted by Magical Creatures. The most mischievous of them all are the Nanny Diamond Fairies of Southwell Road, who charm travellers with their innocent looks and lead them astray.

Based on this legend I wrote and illustrated a little book called “The Tale of Three Rituals”, where one quarryman safes a fairy trapped in Portland Stone and in return she reveals to him the three rituals to help him cross the Southwell Road without being haunted by other fairies. 

The First Ritual was about attraction of the fairies with imitation of the flatter of their wings. The Second Ritual was about confession. If the fairies choose to welcome the traveller, they will grant him a wish and he will not need to perform the third ritual.The Third Ritual is about Protection. The fairies can choose not to let the traveller pass. Third device is a musical instrument imitating the church bells, which will scare the fairies away.

Device designed based on the fairytale of the three rituals.

The Performance of the Three Rituals at the Southwell Road on the Isle of Portland (video coming soon).

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